OpenStack Juno Lab installation on top of VMware Workstation – Problems

O-oh, here we go, the problems start pouring in. After installing nova in my lab, I noticed that a few services (nova-cert, nova-conductor, nova-consoleauth, nova-scheduler) failed to start after reboot. In fact, if you check them immediately after reboot, they are started, but they fail after a while. From the logs I found this line:

Can't connect to MySQL server on 'controller'

So it seems that our DB is not up and running. Let’s check the db state:

service mysql status

Hmm, it’s up! If you restart the services now, everything will work. The problem is that in OpenStack, there is no check if the db is actually alive, it just issues the start commands and moves on. If for some reason the db is not accepting connections when nova services start, they will not function. I did some closer inspection of the logs, and there is a nice 2 second gap between mariadb still trying to get everything up and nova services trying to connect. It would be a lot easier if the db just didn’t start, it would be simple to adjust retries and delays ( Now we need to figure out how to delay the nova services by a couple of seconds or make the operating system try again when the services fail. A script after reboot checking the services and after finding a service not started it would try to restart them. That would work but it’s not neat. After banging my head to the OpenStack wall I couldn’t find an answer how to delay the start of services or do a retry. None of the delay options from the manual work. Well, a simple script will do the job for now.

Another thing. DO NOT MESS UP THE HOSTNAMES! I’ve done that twice now, stupid me, and this is what you get:


Nova still does not understand that the host might change its hostname. If an existing host has a new hostname, it is considered a brand new host with new services. I had to clean my services list with nova service-delete ID. MAC address check, anyone?


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