vRA 7.0 Reinitiate Installation Wizard


Well, there’s actually a CLI command to do the steps below. Just run vcac-vami installation-wizard activate, and it does everything for you. Sounds like a clean approach to me.



vRA 7.0 comes with a nice Installation Wizard to ease the process of getting vRA and IaaS Components running. However, if you butter finger the installation process by clicking Cancel and not really reading what vRA is trying to tell you (I did that), you cannot access the installation wizard again. It’s a manual installation after that, and I’m not going to do that anymore. So, let’s fix it.


Log into vRA appliance using the SSH client of your choice. Navigate to /etc/vcac folder. There’s a nice little file called vami.ini. The only thing it contains is this setting:


Jackpot! Edit the file with vi, change false to true, save the file and restart vami service:
service vami-lighttp restart

Log back to VAMI at https://fqdn_of_vra:5480, and the Installation Wizard is reinitiated. If you need to close the Wizard and you don’t want to go through this hassle again, click Logout on the upper right corner.


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